About Us

Spirit of Kings is an exclusive, international luxury brand that takes its inspiration from the longstanding heritage of artistic excellence fostered by English royal patronage based on Spain. Spirit of Kings is a young luxury perfume brand with an old soul, celebrating a rich past within a contemporary framework.

It follows that the brand’s products explicitly communicate luxury and quality. This, however, must extend beyond surface level aesthetic beauty, and a strong foundation must be created in order to communicate meaningful stories that help evolve and elevate the brand.


The Nose Behind

Christian Provenzano is a world-renowned Master Perfurmer with over fifty years of experience in the Fragrance Industry whose creations have inspired the succes of fine fragrance brands throughout the world.

This passion for fragrances and expertiese comes from an encyclopedic knowledge of the ingredients used in fragrances and the ability to combine them in just the right combinations to produce an innovative and memorable experience.