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Gold Collection

The first collection by Spirit Of Kings was launched in 2019 titled ‘Celestial Ambitions’ introduced eleven luxury perfumes, each of which takes its name from a star or a collection of stars. Together, they symbolise the mysterious frontiers that lie in the realm of our imagination.

Manifestation Collection

The Manifestation Collection draws inspiration from the remarkable attributes of kings and queens, channeling their essence to empower you with their character. This collection is designed to infuse your journey of manifestation with the regal qualities of royalty.

Strength Collection

The Strength Collection remains an integral part of our Manifestation concept. Extrait de Parfum enhances the essence of these collections, embodying the core idea of celebrating the principles and characteristics that elevate individuals to the stature of kings and queens.

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Spirit of Kings is an exclusive, international luxury brand that takes its inspiration from the longstanding heritage of artistic excellence fostered by English royal patronage based on Spain. Spirit of Kings is a young luxury perfume brand with an old soul, celebrating a rich past within a contemporary framework.

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