Green is the color of growth, wisdom and knowledge. Also, it is the color of herbs and plants, which inspires the line for this collection, which is more herbal and aromatic. In "The Wisdom Collection" the illustration is that of a fruit tree growing out of old books and tomes, signifying the importance of generational wisdom and insight. The Wisdom Collection is composed by four perfumes, which are: Notion, Perception, Intuition and Elevation


This perfume with its fresh, spicy notes such as eucalyptus, ginger and lime symbolize innovative thinking, visionary leadership, and the transformative power of ideas within royal courts. This fragrance serves as a metaphorical tribute to the forward-thinking nature, wisdom, and enduring legacy of notion.



The cardamom and cedar leaf in the top notes symbolize the depth and clarity of intuition. These notes reflect the sharpness and discernment of royal intuition, guiding leaders in making wise and informed decisions for the kingdom.
The floral elements add a layer of elegance and sensitivity to the fragrance, mirroring the foresight and visionary thinking of intuitive leaders. Like flowers, intuition anticipates growth and transformation.
It symbolizes innate wisdom, foresight, and the visionary insight that guides leadership decisions for the kingdom’s prosperity and stability


Perception portrays the commanding presence, charisma, and approachability that shape how royalty is viewed by their subjects and allies. 
The green and spicy notes symbolize the commanding presence and charisma of kings and queens. Just as these notes leave a strong initial impression, rulers’ presence shapes how they are perceived by their court and subjects. The sweet twist from vanilla and amber reflects the softer, more nurturing side of royalty. It suggests a balanced perception that includes warmth and approachability, enhancing their public image and fostering loyalty among their subjects.


Elevation evokes the ascension to higher authority, refinement, and the pursuit of higher ideals within royal courts. 
This fragrance serves as a metaphorical tribute to the clarity given by the citric notes of lemon, strength represented by the black pepper and leather, and enduring elegance evoked by the sandalwood that define elevated leadership, inspiring prosperity, respect, and cultural advancement within the kingdom.