The Compassion Collection Discovery Set

This Discovery Set includes: Amity (10ml), Affinity (10ml), Harmony (10ml) and Mercy (10ml).

Discover the four fragrances of the new Spirit of Kings Compassion Collection.

Red is often associated with emotion and sentimentality.

For The Compassion Collection, the illustration is that of a candle lighting another. The idea is based on the Chinese proverb “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

For the new five collections, the idea for the overarching theme is rooted in what it means to manifest the “Spirit of Kings”.

More than any material luxuries or conquests, this spirit is embodied by the qualities of character that all great people have exhibited since time immemorial. Thus, the main idea behind these collections, is to celebrate the principles and characteristics that make kings of men and queens of women: Strength, Wisdom, Guardianship, Justice and Compassion.

For man & Woman





Amity (10ml)
Affinity (10ml)
Harmony (10ml)
Mercy (10ml)


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