Black is the color of power, elegance, and sophistication. It represents strength, authority, and depth, which inspires the line for this collection, characterized by its bold and intense fragrances. For the first collection,  “The Strength Collection,” the illustration is that of a warrior’s  word and shield against a vast landscape at night, signifying readiness to fight during the darkest of hours. This collection is conformed by four Extraits de Parfum: Valiance, Valor, Vigor and Ardor.


The fresh start with lavender and bergamot represents the clear-minded bravery and calm strength that valiant kings and queens exhibit. The floral heart in Valiance captures the noble elegance and grace of valiant leaders. These flowers symbolize the refined beauty and dignified presence that inspire respect and admiration in their subjects. Along with the amber and vanilla base notes, This fragrance metaphorically embodies the valiance of royalty—a blend of courageous clarity, noble grace, and enduring legacy.




This fragrance serves as a metaphorical tribute to the passionate leadership, intense dedication, and warm, lasting influence that define ardent rulers.
 The fresh pear, mandarin, and fruity notes at the beginning of the perfume symbolize the vibrant and enthusiastic energy that ardent kings and queens bring to their leadership. This scents are soon followed by floral accents, given by the different types of roses and the lilies, to end in a bed of  sandalwood and amber. These notes aim to evoke   the elegant dedication and the comforting and enduring influence of passionate leadership. 



Vigor signifies the energetic and vital presence of royalty, inspiring action and progress within the kingdom. 
Through the fresh and spicy start, carried by the bergamot and cardamom, Vigor evokes the initial burst of energy and enthusiasm that characterizes vigorous leadership. Cinnamon notes add a spicy warmth, representing the dynamic and stimulating nature of vigorous action. With a leathery and ambery base, the fragrance adds a touch of sophistication and authority, grounded by the patchouli's earthy presence.



This fragrance symbolizes the bravery, strength, and nobility that define courageous leadership, as well as the sweet rewards and enduring comfort that come with acts of valor. 
The amber in Valor Extrait de Parfum symbolizes the core strength and resilience required for the royalty. Its rich and powerful scent evokes the enduring courage and steadfastness of kings and queens who lead with bravery. The caramel notes  represent the sweet reward and admiration that come with acts of valor.